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Backing off

Friday, May 29th, 2015

Don’t ‘like’ me. Don’t ‘subscribe’ to me. Check in now and again for things I want to say… if you’re interested.

In other news, interesting things afoot on the domestic front – I’m going to be putting up a lot of pictures this weekend to document the progress. I built something! It’s Hexagonal 🙂


From “Space Debris” to Poets Of The Fall

Friday, December 12th, 2014

Many years ago, I used to repeatedly play a tracker song called Space Debris, purely because it was brilliant. It was a piece of music created on a 16-bit computer by a young man who went by the moniker ‘Captain’. His real name was (and is) Markus Kaarlonen. Here is the original composition in all its 16-bit glory:

It’s hard, if not impossible to describe to anybody “who wasn’t there” what an accomplishment it was to create such tunes on the old micros. The software was powerful, for its time, but not user-friendly and required a LOT of effort to produce anything half decent. I was suitably impressed.

Anyway, a couple of years back I had cause, for whatever reason, to remember this great piece of music and I found the youtube videos linked to here. In addition I was curious as to what Markus had been up to since (given that Space Debris was created about 23 years ago at the time of writing.) It turned out he was still doing music and is in a Finnish band, Poets Of The Fall, who are now right up there in my favourite bands of all time. Here’s one of their little ditties:

and also the ‘official’ video for what is probably their most well known song, Carnival Of Rust:

I can’t convey how much I was delighted to find out that a) he was still doing music, and b) how he’d continued his cool streak and was now involved in producing such great material. Incidentally, the piece was re-imagined on ‘proper’ synthesizers by an ardent fan who did a pretty fine job of it. Here is that cover version:

Great stuff 🙂

Them and Us

Sunday, December 7th, 2014

People fall into two groups. “Them” and “Us”. They are not like us. And thank goodness we are not like them. If only they were more like us we’d all get along far easier and the world would be a better place. They have different agendas to us. We don’t have an agenda, unlike them. Their agenda is to change something that obviously shouldn’t be changed for reasons that would be obvious to them if they were like us.

I assert that nobody does anything without a motive. Whether that motive is selfish, selfless or a mixture of both, a motive must be present to cause any action. The reality is that everybody enacts a series of actions that they are motivated to do. Some have thought it through, some haven’t. Some people are selfish, some are giving. Within all of us there is a pragmatic balance to be struck between the two.

To summarise what I’m saying here, ‘them’ and ‘us’ are emergent subjective observations of individuals. Everybody is different. If we try and achieve any sort of harmony as a species then ‘them and us’ is doomed to failure, because we are all different. And even within individuals, there are different groups of ‘them’ depending on the cause.

Ultimately, I’ve reconciled this within myself to a model where people can be different, have alternative views, beliefs and make various choices based on this – and thus far I have no issue whatsoever. My problem begins when people enact those perspectives in a manner that negatively affects other people on something more than a passing irritative level. If the choices you make fundamentally disturb, restrict, control or upset other people (especially children, who are unable to comprehend the process) then, my friend, you are one of ‘them’. And so would I be if I did it.

In short. Don’t be a dick.