I think he’s got a point to be honest

By Eddy February 3rd, 2015, under Bloggy things, Links, Music

At least, it’s obvious there are massive gaps in the education system as it stands.

Why I’m here, and not on Facebook

By Eddy February 1st, 2015, under Bloggy things, Links

This guy sums it up rather well. Facebook is a bad thing, for you and your friends, and here’s why.


Moog Modular 2015

By Eddy January 26th, 2015, under Bloggy things, Music

So it turns out that Moog are building a limited edition monosynth which is a replica (in pretty much every way) of the original Moog Modular’s from the 1970s. I would LOVE one of these, but at a price of $35,000 I think I’ll have to pass. But what a synth – incredible engineering!


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Oh, I am so planning to put some pennies aside and get one of these this Summer. This thing is truly exquisite.

Apple Swift

By Eddy January 23rd, 2015, under Programming, Technology

These days there are a lot of programming languages to choose from. New languages have appeared regularly over the last couple of decades, many of which are designed to facilitate quick development of web applications. As an ‘old school’ programmer, I have a strong preference for low level languages which are very tightly coupled to the way in which the underlying hardware works. It is for this reason that I love C, as you can write in C and maintain a reasonably good awareness of the number of machine code instructions it is turned into when it is compiled.

Personally, I like this. It means that I, as the programmer, have a huge amount of control over how my code runs. It also means that code written in C runs faster than code written in just about anything else. That said, there are a few downsides to writing in C which are primarily based around the fact that C gives you the raw tools to work with and it’s completely up to you to use them properly. The language itself has virtually no built-in protection against you doing something stupid and crashing your program as a result.

Another issue with working in C is that you end up having to write a lot of code to cater for possible errors and to manage the use of memory during runtime. I’ll repeat; for me this is not an issue, as I rather enjoy that process and I have a number of techniques for handling errors in nested functions such that I can gracefully recover. However, it remains true that this is an overhead and although a well-written C program is a thing of true beauty it is also true that mistakes can creep in which in other languages would be detected for you.

The upshot of all this is that I have resolutely remained with C as my primary programming language, and I do not see this changing, ever. However, I’m quite interested in learning a language that is a lot more modern. My requirements for such a language are as follows:

  • It must be a compiled, not an interpreted language (I like fast code!)
  • It should not force object orientated programming on you (I prefer functional programming to OO programming)
  • It should permit development of modern apps on at least one modern system (my preference is OS X)
  • It should not have a syntax that I find ridiculous (objective-C… shudder)
  • It should be accessible and easy to set up the development environment (I want to code, not mess around with IDEs)

It is for these reasons that I have spent some time recently getting into Swift from Apple. Swift seems likely to incrementally replace Objective-C for OS X and IOS development going forwards. I rather like the syntax, it is well integrated with existing Objective-C libraries and it looks extremely likely that it will be the language of choice for OS X and IOS development going forwards.

Although it was only released in June 2014, it has rocketed up the popularity ladder, and I can see why. Although the support for Swift in XCode is still a little clunky, it’s vey usable and quite fun to work with. I have a couple of projects I want to create for OS X (including a rather cool plugin idea I have for Logic Pro X) and I’m enjoying the learning process.


Richard Dawkins’ love letters

By Eddy January 22nd, 2015, under Bloggy things, Links

It takes a real fanatic to pen such exquisite communiques as demonstrated here. I found this hilarious 🙂

Spinning 3D prints

By Eddy January 20th, 2015, under Bloggy things, Links

So, you print out some zeotrope sculptures, rotate them under a strobe and film the results – this is breathtaking 🙂

I hate being ill!

By Eddy December 21st, 2014, under Bloggy things

So I’ve been a shivering sweaty wreck in bed all day with the window open trying to cool down. Feeling a bit better now, but it’s most frustrating now having time off work and being able to do anything except cough a lot. Grrr.

Hopefully now I’m feeling a bit better this will continue, though typing this I’m in a cold room and still sweating. I want to get some music done dammit!

Christmas Hols are nearly here

By Eddy December 19th, 2014, under Bloggy things

Ahh, it’s that time of year. My Christmas hols start at the end of the day today, just wrapping up a few bits and pieces for work then I can relax a bit. It’s really good to not have to be travelling for a while, though I’ve got two trips coming up straight after the New Year. Nevermind, hopefully I’ll have rested enough by then it won’t seem too onerous 🙂

Expect some musical updates this weekend, and also some studio pics. I’m down to literally the last few cables to install, finally!



Hotel Internet charges

By Eddy December 16th, 2014, under Bloggy things, Rants

19.95 Euros a day to access the Internet? No way am I paying that, on principle! Marched up to the front desk and requested the details of one of their Directors 🙂

Dear Mr. Nassila,

  My name is Eddy Deegan, and I am a senior Global Solutions Architect for an American technology company. I am currently staying in the hotel next to the Grand Arch in Paris a la Defence, as I am working on-site with a team at [Name withheld for obvious reasons – I did put it in the letter though]

  I was given your card by a young man at reception. I am writing to you to express my dissatisfaction at the extortionate charges for Internet access at your hotel. Having booked the room for 2 nights at nearly 500 euros, spent 100 euros or more at the restaurant, and being a business traveller, I was shocked and dismayed to see a charge for 20 euros per night for Internet access.

 I come to Paris regularly but this is the first time I have used the Renaissance hotel.  I rely on the Internet to co-ordinate with my colleagues in California. My objection to the price of Internet connection is that it is an essential component of a business trip and to require 20 euros a day on top of an already healthy hotel bill seems nothing but greedy to me.

  I am therefore registering my disappointment that an otherwise excellent hotel would let itself down in this manner. I regret that I will not be returning. Nor will I be paying 20 euros for access to email from my room. It is actually cheaper for me to buy bandwidth from my UK mobile phone supplier, even in France.

 20 euros is not much money, but it is not about that. It is about me as a business traveller feeling let down by a hotel that I would have expected better service from.

Yours sincerely,

Eddy Deegan, room 226.

I will update this post should any further developments arise, though I’m not holding my breath on that one!